Wisdom 2.0:
The Intersect

Wisdom 2.0 is happy to announce The Intersect 100, a unique intimate gathering for those committed to wisdom in the world.

November 16th - 19th, 2017
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The Future of Mindfulness brings together leaders from across the globe committed to mindfulness and wisdom to engage, connect, and envision the future together. 

Join us in Hawaii, for planned, and unplanned, connections and conversations.

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The Future of Mindfulness.

While the world is going through unprecedented technological advances that show no signs of slowing down, from robots to VR headsets, there is another revolution taking place: It is an inner one.

We will gather in Hawaii for three full days to explore how mindfulness is currently taking root in schools, businesses, politics & more ... and the path ahead for this revolution.

What is the current state of this work?

What are the challenges going forward?

What is most calling each of us to be involved and how we do partner together?

To begin to understand, map, and support this global inner movement, we are gathering people who are committed to sharing, learning, and fostering the future of mindfulness.

There is no way any of us can do this alone, and learning from those in diverse areas of society, from education to business, is essential. As such, our second annual Intersect event will focus on the emerging global wisdom movement and the role each of us can play.  

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Connect with people across the world, from various backgrounds and traditions.

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Who Attends

Technology leaders from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.

Representatives of traditional companies from Ford Motor Company to AETNA Insurance.

Non-profit leaders working on education, social justice, and environmental issues.

Nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs developing new companies that support this field.

And everyday people, from teachers to technology workers, who care about this topic and want to be a part of the solution.

Who Should Attend

Read below for costs and other details. We are looking to have a diverse group from various walks of life, so please let us know more about yourself.

Join a global community passionate about the inner dimension of life.

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The Vision.

The Intersect 100 experience includes:

Spend 3 days with us at the majestic Orchid Hotel, on the Big Island of Hawaii, with access to beach, snorkeling, and more.

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Our Venue.

Wisdom 2.0: The Intersect will be held on the Kohala Coast at the beautiful Fairmont Orchid hotel on the Big Island. An ideal location to enjoy natural surroundings while diving more deeply into conversations about our greater purposes in the world, and the intersects that exist in all of our efforts.

Most of the earth's climate zones are represented on the Big Island, from arid coastal and desert areas, to lush old-growth rainforests and alpine mountain slopes, presenting a wondrous diversity of landscape and experience.

The Big Island of Hawaii has long been known as the healing island. According to Hawaiian legends, Hawaii's Big Island is the home of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire. The spirit of Pele has a way of cutting through blockages and bringing to light innermost yearnings.

Read below for answers to frequently asked questions about the Intersect ...

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Questions & Answers

What is the cost?
Investor/Angel/Philanthropist (early bird): $3,000
Executive / Corporate (early bird) $2,500
Entrepreneur / Consultant / Start-up (early bird, limited amount): $1,800
Non-Profit (early bird, limited amount): $1,400

What does the conference registration cover?
Entrance to this unique event, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the hotel, as well as related parties.

What does it not include?
Travel, including airfare, and hotel room nights.

You will be sent an email after you register with the choice of discounted room nights. You can select from a number of different room options that best serves you. If you want to share a room, we can help you connect with other attendees who also want to do so. Room rates begin at $219.

What if I want to bring my significant other?
There is a $500 cost, and he/she is welcome to join all evening dinners, but not the day’s events. You can nominate him/her to come as a participant if his or her work is in this area.

Which hotel can I stay at?
Fairmont Orchid, Big Island, Hawaii. We will provide more information on how to reserve your room and receive the Wisdom 2.0 discount a couple months before the event takes place. 

Will you have scholarships?
Yes, we plan to have a limited amount. Please fill out the application form and mention that you would like to apply for a scholarship.

Arrival time?
There is a Thursday check-in, with an opening reception that night.

How will groups and discussion topics be chosen?
We will send out an email ahead of time where people can suggest topics most important to them, and we will integrate as many of these as possible into the day. There will also be the opportunity at the event to share your particular passions and interest areas.

Who will I meet?
Last year, we had broad range of people from Twitter and Facebook to the Hawn Foundation to various finance professionals, non-profits, and education. We will have a profile of each attendee, so you will be able to see who is attending in advance. 



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